The Department of Public Safety developed the tow program to ensure:

– Safe, efficient and rapid removal of disabled vehicles or vehicles involved in collisions on Arizona state highways.

– Fairness in rates charged to the motoring public.

– Fair profit margin for contracted tow companies utilized by DPS.

– Safety of the motoring public, DPS troopers and Tow Truck Operators.

– Reductions in secondary accidents.

In accordance with Arizona Revised Statute 41-1830.51, the Director of DPS may enter into a contractual agreement with a towing firm or firms for towing and/or storage services. DPS utilizes Tow Service Agreements (TSA)(link is external), with local towing firms for towing, storage and roadside assistance services to address this need.

Purpose: Meet the needs of the public, the towing industry and the Department of Public Safety.

Objective: Ensure the public receives ethical and fair business practices on the part of private towing companies utilized by DPS.

The TSA provides towing firms with clear requirements for acceptance and continued service to DPS. The agreement ensures statewide consistency in the interpretation and enforcement of its terms and conditions. The TSA also ensures that towing firms used by the Department are competent to respond to calls with minimal time delays.

Please be aware of Arizona’s Move Over Law(link is external). If you see flashing lights, it is the law to move over one lane to allow for additional space or, if you are unable to move over due to other vehicles, you must slow down, or you can face a fine of at least $150. This law is to protect stranded motorists, road and highway workers, roadside-assistance providers, emergency responders and law enforcement officers.